Episode 22 – ARMAGEDDON

Join us for the latest episode where we discuss Armageddon, a movie that launched one of the most crazy-popular romantic songs of the late ’90s. Friends, we dare to veer off-road and ask the question “Can romance exist in a movie that features  mass destruction of major cities, rampant American patriotism– a film where the hyper-speed editing plays fast and loose with its narrative, that starts out as a story glorifying the everyday ‘I-work-on-an-oil-rig-and-make-fun-of-Greenpeace’ working man over the dummy-eggheads-at-NASA , then turns into a fantastical space adventure, and a film that, above all, includes a whole lot of Aerosmith?”  The answer is… yes. Wait, no. Wait, maybe? We think there was something-something Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck, but we’re not sure. We just remember things exploding.

Episode 22 – ARMAGEDDON


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