Episode 31 – CASPER

Join us for the latest episode where we discuss 1995’s feature-film reboot of Casper. Full of light, kid-appropriate fun with just a touch of haunting morbidity, this film packs in one of our favourite ’90s romantic comedy players, (and movie dads), Bill Pullman, the comedy stylings of heavyweights like Eric Idle, an actually cool, relatable female lead in Christina Ricci… and a lot of high-profile cameos for some reason.

Some fans of the original comics or the TV show might question why the baby-shaped, cartoon “friendly ghost” would be such a horn-dog for Christina Ricci, but us preteen girls circa 1995 all know it is because it was really DEVON SAWA, even if it was only for a moment…

Episode 31 – CASPER


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