Episode 56 – THE NOTEBOOK

We say goodbye to March and our month-long excursion into romance (sans-comedy) with sighs, daydreams and long gazes out the window… and also the 2004 film The Notebook. A vehicle that launched the young careers of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, it also boasts the wonderful James Garner and the amazing Gena Rowlands, for some strange reason we can’t quite figure out… in addition to being an odd directorial choice for Nick Cassavetes, son of Gena Rowlands and the late John Cassavetes. While a classic romance in form, this story of great-love-told-through-flashbacks gets muddled navigating between past and present, including some pretty confusing story elements and questionable treatment of those suffering with dementia, yet- it is hard to deny the enduring fan power that backs this flick, and the genuine chemistry between its young leads (yes, we know they used to be a real-life couple). There is one thing for sure though, the ladycast is back from the dreamy haze of romances and we’re ready for some comedy.

Episode 56 – THE NOTEBOOK


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