Check out our latest episode as we discuss the 1997 film My Best Friend’s Wedding. A vehicle that re-launched the rom-com reign of Julia Roberts, (“how dare she take a break from romantic comedies?” thought someone in 1996, as they rented a VHS copy of Mr. Wrong.). The film offers the actress a strong platform to show off her manic comedic chops, including some pretty sweet pratfalls, as well as flaunt her trademark cackle. While a box office smash back in ’97, we still found it so enjoyable we ran pretty long trying to discuss it all, what with its grand musical scenes and a cast totally up for a whole lot of silliness, (shout out to a young Cameron Diaz); also an age of giant cell phones and beige pant suits, so, you know. While we appreciate the comic delight of watching the romantic heroine bending her moral compass to win back her love, we’re just wondering if she’s sure about Michael. Really? Him? Is he funny?

This week we also welcome special guest Kate Evans.



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