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Episode 65 – OBVIOUS CHILD

Join us this week as we discuss the newly released 2014 film Obvious Child. Friends, we couldn’t wait to see this film and were not disappointed – in fact, we engage in the kind of gushing normally saved for the fares of Moonstruck, The Apartment, or in Alia’s case, The Housesitter. Not many of these come along in this genre, (women in four of the major creative roles? Holla!), and this is definitely a big fat present; a present that unselfconsciously covers heartbreak, foolishness, mistakes, hopeful romance and most wonderfully of all, centers on a really funny woman. We laughed, we cried, and laugh/cried, and gosh darn it were emotionally involved from the get go. This episode includes spoilers galore, so you should all just go out and see this movie. Just go, like, right now. Don’t be stupid.

Episode 65 – OBVIOUS CHILD


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Episode 64 – WORKING GIRL

Check out our latest episode as we take on Working Girl, a film that packs 80s star power with the likes of Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver. Helmed by Mike Nichols, it shows us a little slice of 1988 America, a world where feminist politics on the big screen were surprisingly condescending, and everyone wants to be a cog in the wheel of the corporate machine… and everyone had big hair. All of them. We discuss unintentional but blatant sexism, objectification, our love for Joan Cusack, David Duchovny sightings and so much more.

This week we welcome special guest Anna Kay Eldridge.

Episode 64 – WORKING GIRL


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Episode 63 – THE OTHER WOMAN

For our latest episode, we braved half-empty theatres to see 2014’s The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and some guy from Game of Thrones (aka Alia’s “second favourite Lannister”). The movie, directed by the oft-maligned (by us) Nick Cassavetes, tries its hand at a tale of female friendship where you would least expect it, then seemed to think that exploring the concepts of ‘cheating’ and ‘monogamy’ in a movie about being ‘the other woman’ was maybe just too much. We discuss a lot of our problems with the movie – uneven performances, awkward direction, overly broad pranking, but hey, there’s a busty babe running down the beach in some kind of attempt to subvert the male gaze… but then she marries old Don Johnson and it all goes kaput. Spoiler Al- oh whatever.

This week we welcome back special guest, and resident Cameron Diaz expert, Kate Evans!

Episode 63 – THE OTHER WOMAN

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Well friends, we’re back from hiatus to present a little thing we like to call the Sandler-Barrymore Trifecta. That’s right: we watched 1998’s The Wedding Singer, 2004’s 50 First Dates, and 2014’s Blended… and we suggest you not try this at home. With Blended as the latest release from the romantic comedy duo of Adam “Has left the building” Sandler and Drew “Could do better” Barrymore, it says a lot about lame dads and unfortunately not a lot about the title theme. But hey, Terry Crews was there for some reason!

This was quite the test of our romantic comedy devotion and it may actually have ruined Lisa’s unconditional love of The Wedding Singer… who are we kidding, “Somebody put some pants on that kid!”… Anyone?


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