Episode 65 – OBVIOUS CHILD

Join us this week as we discuss the newly released 2014 film Obvious Child. Friends, we couldn’t wait to see this film and were not disappointed – in fact, we engage in the kind of gushing normally saved for the fares of Moonstruck, The Apartment, or in Alia’s case, The Housesitter. Not many of these come along in this genre, (women in four of the major creative roles? Holla!), and this is definitely a big fat present; a present that unselfconsciously covers heartbreak, foolishness, mistakes, hopeful romance and most wonderfully of all, centers on a really funny woman. We laughed, we cried, and laugh/cried, and gosh darn it were emotionally involved from the get go. This episode includes spoilers galore, so you should all just go out and see this movie. Just go, like, right now. Don’t be stupid.

Episode 65 – OBVIOUS CHILD


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