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Episode 73 – THE F WORD

Check out our latest episode as we discuss the newly released 2014 film The F Word, (or the more generic “What If” to those outside Canada). Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, and helmed by Michael Dowse, this film offers a fresh take on a pretty conventional rom-com story of woe: what if the one you fall for is already taken? We discuss the origin of the film from an original play, why weddings are such a genre staple, and we relish in the beautiful shots of our hometown of Toronto, in a fantasy-land where winter doesn’t exist, and where the music is always loud.

We also welcome special guest J.M. McNab, from the Rewatchability podcast.

Episode 73 – THE F WORD



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Episode 72 – THE HEARTBREAK KID (1972)

Join us this week as we discuss the 1972 film The Heartbreak Kid. This isn’t your average Farrelly Brothers’ remake, but the original helmed by comedian/actor/director/writer Elaine May. The film starring Charles Grodin, (pre-grumpy Dad phase), Cybill Shepherd and Jeannie Berlin, follows a honeymoon doomed with bad decisions and packed with so much squirm-inducing, terrible behaviour, it’s a wonder if this could be inspiration for all the anti-hero leading characters of more contemporary comedies. While being both a challenging and hilarious film, we do learn that Charles Grodin may also not like being a husband, as well as those big dogs.

We also welcome special guest Rob LaRonde, from the Rewatchability podcast.


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Check out our latest episode as we discuss the beloved 1987 film The Princess Bride. We also team up with our bros from the Rewatchability podcast, J.M. McNab and Blain Watters, for our first ever joint episode! With so many quotable lines, wonderful costumes, silly stunts and sad stories from Blain, this is one memorable film for our generation.  We discuss Rob Reiner and the wonderful cast, the amazing Mandy Patinkin, Homeland (no spoilers, promise!), whether Buttercup is a standout heroine, or just another helpless princess, and so much more!

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