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Episode 75 – CLUELESS

Check out our latest episode as we discuss the 1995 Amy Heckerling film Clueless. Both an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, and a highschool movie at the start of the teen-movie craze of the late 90s, it’s also a pretty neat time capsule. We discuss Alicia Silverstone, the early 1800s rural English social sphere vs. mid-90s Beverly Hills, the ever-ageless Paul Rudd in his first rom-com role, and what it’s like to revisit almost twenty years later… sigh, we feel old.

Episode 75 – CLUELESS


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Episode 74 – HITCH

Check out our latest episode as we discuss the 2005 film Hitch, Will Smith’s first, and interestingly, last romantic comedy vehicle, and boy is this movie something. Smith barely keeps this one together with his natural charisma, but with hopeless comic timing, awkward performances, and generally the idea that all women are stupid enough to get tricked into falling in love… and this stinker still manages to clock in at 118 minutes. Good thing we still have those old Fresh Prince episodes to go back to, so we can try to start putting the pieces back together.

Episode 74 – HITCH

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What She’s Having Goes Bi….Weekly!

Friends, we’ve decided to cut our episodes down to bi-weekly for the time being. Stay on the lookout here and on facebook for upcoming movie announcement mini-sodes and lots of other good stuff.

Our next episode won’t be released until next Wednesday, so for now, enjoy this picture, which may or may not be of our next movie. (Hint: totally is)



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