Episode 85 – WHAT WOMEN WANT

Welcome to the latest episode, where we discuss 2000’s What Women Want. In Nancy Meyer’s first foray into rom com directing, she goes BIG: Two of the biggest stars at the time as leads, impressive ensemble cast, and a high-concept idea full of promise. Unfortunately for her (and Helen Hunt, and Alan Alda, and most of all Marisa Tomei) this movie fails to deliver on all points. For a film that wants you to think it’s about the struggles of the average (read: rich and white) woman, it’s really saying more that women are incapable of communicating their desires, and we need a male surrogate through which to speak. And who better to do that than its lead, champion of the people, Mel Gibson! (*Gag*)

Get comfy, friends, this might be our longest one yet!

Episode 85 – WHAT WOMEN WANT


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