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Episode 85 – WHAT WOMEN WANT

Welcome to the latest episode, where we discuss 2000’s What Women Want. In Nancy Meyer’s first foray into rom com directing, she goes BIG: Two of the biggest stars at the time as leads, impressive ensemble cast, and a high-concept idea full of promise. Unfortunately for her (and Helen Hunt, and Alan Alda, and most of all Marisa Tomei) this movie fails to deliver on all points. For a film that wants you to think it’s about the struggles of the average (read: rich and white) woman, it’s really saying more that women are incapable of communicating their desires, and we need a male surrogate through which to speak. And who better to do that than its lead, champion of the people, Mel Gibson! (*Gag*)

Get comfy, friends, this might be our longest one yet!

Episode 85 – WHAT WOMEN WANT


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Episode 15 – FATHER OF THE BRIDE (1991)


Join us for a new episode where we discuss the 1991 film Father of the Bride, starring romantic comedy veterans Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. We kick off the wedding season with this remake of the 1950 original, about a dad letting go of his little girl as he, for some reason, has to do most of the organizing of her ludicrously expensive wedding to marry a guy she’s only known for three months. Oh yeah, and she’s only 22. Because all girls just can’t wait to give up their youth to be handed over from one man to the other… cough.

The film also begs the question, why isn’t there more Martin Short? More Martin Short please.

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