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Episode 85 – WHAT WOMEN WANT

Welcome to the latest episode, where we discuss 2000’s What Women Want. In Nancy Meyer’s first foray into rom com directing, she goes BIG: Two of the biggest stars at the time as leads, impressive ensemble cast, and a high-concept idea full of promise. Unfortunately for her (and Helen Hunt, and Alan Alda, and most of all Marisa Tomei) this movie fails to deliver on all points. For a film that wants you to think it’s about the struggles of the average (read: rich and white) woman, it’s really saying more that women are incapable of communicating their desires, and we need a male surrogate through which to speak. And who better to do that than its lead, champion of the people, Mel Gibson! (*Gag*)

Get comfy, friends, this might be our longest one yet!

Episode 85 – WHAT WOMEN WANT


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Episode 44 – NEW YEAR’S EVE

We ring in the end of the year with a discussion on the 2011 ensemble New Years Eve. With so many characters and so little in the way of plot or character development, the film celebrates the end of a year and the beginning of a new one with punch-in-the-face-style romances and bloated resolutions from people we don’t care about. For those who longed for Hilary Swank and Jon Bon Jovi to act side by side, Garry Marshall was listening.

For this very special New Years episode we got a little help from our friend J.M. McNab from Rewatchability.

Happy New Year!!

Episode 44 – NEW YEAR’S EVE

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Episode 39 – SIDEWAYS

Check out our latest episode as we take a look at a growing sub-genre, the “bromance” (or “bromantic comedy”, if you will), with perhaps one of the earliest of its kind, the 2004 film Sideways. Featuring unlikeable characters doing unlikeable things, with a hint of road-trip, male-bonding, budding romance, this wine-fest/character study maintains a gentle, thoughtful air… and even with all that drunk driving. So much drunk driving.

Also, do you remember that Paul Giamatti was in Private Parts? We sure do.

This week we welcome back special guest Rob Laronde from Rewatchability.

Episode 39 – SIDEWAYS

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Episode 25 – SAY ANYTHING

Join us as we discuss the 1989 film Say Anything, what was to be our penultimate episode in our summer of love series, but we experienced technical difficulties and had to abruptly cut it off mid-conversation. Our apologies! You do get our discussion of our possible misreading of the boom box-over-the-head grand gesture and a nice Peter Gabriel fadeout… so, that’s something, right?

This week we also welcome special guest Rob Laronde, from Rewatchability. You may ask yourselves, was it really technical difficulties or did Rob become so offensive we had to cut it off… we said we weren’t going to talk about it…

Episode 25 – SAY ANYTHING

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Episode 11 – HOPE SPRINGS

Join us for our discussion of the 2012 film Hope Springs, where Hollywood dares to show us the reality of a 30-year marriage that has not only lost the fire, but moved into separate bedrooms. And of course, all romantic comedy lovers have been begging for more love scenes with Tommy Lee Jones in full-on curmudgeon mode, right? They’re just giving us what we want.

This week we also welcome special guest Blain Watters, from Rewatchability.

Episode 11 – HOPE SPRINGS

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This week we discuss the 2009 ensemble He’s Just Not That Into You.  A movie based on the best-selling book of the same title, dares to set women straight about “the truth to understanding guys”. So how do you navigate these important questions and keep up with Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Connelly, Ginnifer Goodwin, Justin Long, Guy from Entourage, some other people, Luis Guzman… ? Yeah, we’re not sure either.


This week we also welcome our first special guest J.M. McNab, from the very funny weekly podcast Rewatchability.

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